IT Maintenance Services

Our monthly IT maintenance agreement is designed to give you peace of mind and to have somebody on-call 24/7, to help with just about anything relating to technology. This includes unlimited callouts and assistance at any hour on any day. Our remote login software enables us to support you anywhere in the world and our unique and customizable helpdesk gives you full control over your entire infrastructure. Choose the services that you require and we’ll take it from there… See the breakdown below outlining a few of our IT Maintenance Services and take a look at our “About Us” page to see why you should consider using our services.

Breakdown of Services

IT Maintenance

Server Support

Full on-site and remote support 7 days a week. This entitles you to almost immediate remote assistance and unlimited super-fast on-sight support on all critical failures. (We guarantee a 3 hour turnaround time however this is a worst case scenario: Our average callout time is less than 1 hour and remote support within 10 minutes) This includes support on 3rd party software as well as installations and general maintenance. Read more here..

Desktop/Notebook Support

Full on-site and remote support throughout 24/7. This includes general 3rd party support on additional software and installations. For notebooks this will include VPN and remote setup support. All critical failures will be dealt with faster than most in-house IT departments. We support and are partnered with brands such as Dell, HP & Lenovo and provide only the best for our customers. Read more here…

Offsite Backup Storage and weekly Swap-outs

Rather be safe than sorry should you be subject to a break-in or fire on your premises. All Backup media will be swapped out on a weekly basis and stored in a secure offsite facility ensuring you always have peace of mind. Backup media will be checked onsite before removal for data integrity and reliability. Online services also readily available should this be more suited to your needs. Read more here…

Daily Server Checkups – IT Monitoring

This detailed daily report enables you and our technicians to monitor your servers on a daily basis. The Doc believes in avoidance rather than cure as this eliminates down-time and ensures maximum productivity for your business. Your servers are logged onto every morning to make sure that all is well and running smoothly. This helps take preventative measures and ensures up-to-date reliable systems. These check-ups can be fully personalized to suit your business and its needs. For example, should you have 3rd party software that needs to update daily or has reliability issues, this will be added to the daily reports and monitored. Checks generally include the monitoring of drive space, backups, licensing, antivirus, updates, and even ADSL usage etc. Read more here…

Remote Desktop Support

This is a free lightning-fast service that we offer on our IT Maintenance Services plan. This enables us to assist you from anywhere, while you are anywhere and is not just limited to when you are at the office. Our system enables us to log onto your machine wherever you within minutes of a phone-call or email and assist with any issues you may be experiencing. Read more here…

Printer/Scanner Support

Full on-site and remote support 24/7 printing, scanning and faxing. The Doc provides support for POS (Point of Sale), DTP (Design to Print), Label/barcode scanners, dot matrix units and just about anything else on the market. All stock orders, consumables, maintenance and repairs can be dealt with by us. . Read more here…

IT Helpdesk

Our helpdesk provides a reliable and easy way for users to log faults and lets us know they are experiencing problems. This time-saving system alerts your Computer Doc technician as well as a designated member of your staff to the details and progress of the issue. This way everyone is kept in the loop and issues are dealt with systematically and efficiently. Users are even able to add screen shots of error messages, monitor progress on faults as well as search our database for helpful hints and fixes to try to resolve issues themselves. The helpdesk also accumulates statistical information of your entire system. This makes it easy to keep a close eye on your businesses’ I.T. and helps when it comes to insurance audits etc…Read more here…

Mobile Phone Support (Tablet Service, Iphone Support, Android assistance)

These days mobile phones are just as complicated as computers. We offer support and assistance with all makes and models as part of our IT Maintenance Services. We also provide more personalized support for tablets, iPads, netbooks and can even provide remote support for these devices at any given moment. Read more here…

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