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IT Services for your Business

The Computer Doc provides affordable and unlimited IT Services for your business, according to your business’s needs and regardless of your business’ size. We come to you and provide 24/7 support for Server, PC, Mac, Printing, Telephony, Web and many other services. With unsurpassed turn around times and an exceptional level of service we have the right solution for you no matter what the requirements!

We create tailored IT service packages that are appropriate and suit your needs. Enquire about our services today and apply for two weeks free support for you or your company.

Benefits of our IT Service:

  • A full technological solution with regards to server, desktop/laptop, Apple Macintosh, telephony, web, internet and even mobile phone support
  • More cost effective than having In-House IT
  • A level of service that exceeds that of most in-house IT departments
  • Extremely fast turn-around times
  • Packages include unlimited callouts as well as full remote support while you are on and offsite
  • Customized and appropriate service agreements to suit your business’ needs
  • Support for small and large businesses alike

“Communication is key. Part of our goal is to assist users in knowing where things are going wrong. This helps avoid future issues which in turn increases productivity and workflow. It is also in our interest to provide efficient and productive IT Services.

“For years we had an in-house IT guy and found it very frustrating always waiting for issues to be resolved. Since we’ve used The Computer Doc we’ve been extremely impressed with the level of service and speed in which we are assisted, and is more affordable. The Doc is now our only IT service provider and they come fully recommended”  (Mandy from Koco Bino) 

Please contact us for a quotation or to enquire about our IT services. For more information contact The Computer Doc team.

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