Cloud Server Solutions – The Pros & Cons

Over the past 10 years I have been asked the same question over and over. What is the best cloud server solution or cloud service for my business? Unfortunately, there is no short answer for this. With the risk of sounding like your typical, over-complicated IT guy, there are good sides and bad! This is also largely dependent on what your requirements and goals are. For example, if you are a graphic designer or video editor and work on large files, I would advise against a cloud solution. For most other industries where mail, word processing and less graphic intensive applications are utilized, there are many benefits and up-sides.

Hosting a cloud server offers you the flexibility to work from anywhere, improves up-time and can have a major positive impact on workflow and productivity if done right. This is provided that the basics are implemented correctly, without compromise.

Core requirements are as follows:

  • High-speed, reliable internet
  • Decent Storage Speeds and an adequate server resources (Memory, processing power etc)
  • Reliable Hosting
  • A Solid Backup Facility

There is also the consideration of cost versus practicality. While pricing is improving and becoming more competitive by the day, it may be a matter of weighing up the option of purchasing something outright vs a higher monthly expense for a subscription based cloud server or solution. In Johannesburg for example (or anywhere in South Africa for that matter) buying a server is not only about the server anymore and you will need to consider possible UPS or generator options to both protect your server investment and ensure continued up-time.

Why wouldn’t you want a cloud server I hear you ask? Here are some considerations:

  • Microsoft licensing can be costly when utilized in a cloud server environment
  • If internet is down or bad, your data will be inaccessible or slow
  • If server issues are encountered, ensure your IT company has reasonable access or you have a decent support system!
  • If you plan on working on a remote server with intensive media based services, expect some lag and loss of quality.

Cloud Server

Ultimately, a cloud server can revolutionize your business if done right, but this is largely dependent on your requirements.

For more information, please get in touch with us and we will advise you accordingly. We can assist with advice or questions and even customize an appropriate solution for you where it be to purchase your own solution or to assist you with a cloud solution. I hope this article has at least provided some clarity for you!



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