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These days mobile phones are just as complicated as computers. With an increasing number of gadgets and devices more setup and maintenance is also required. From iPads to smartphones users tend to have many devices that require setup, backup and require data to be synchronized among one other so that there is synergy and so that the busy individual can function on the move.

The Doc offers support and assistance with all makes and models of phones including the setup and support of synchronized Cloud solutions. We also provide support and setup for tablets, iPads, netbooks and any other technologically related gadgets that may be encountered. Cloud services have begun replacing complicated setups like Blackberry Enterprise Solutions. Contact us so that we can assist you in joining the next generation of technology and enjoying a stress free, easy to use service that allows you to have all of your information at your fingertips.

We also provide Cloud storage facilities as well as robust backup and redundancy platforms in order to secure and solidify your data security.

The Doc’s goal is to provide a one stop shop where all of your technology is purchased, setup and maintained so that you are able to get on with the things that matter and not waste time with the menial. From cloud services and enterprise servers through to home entertainment and phone sync..Contact us now for an affordable tailored quotation that is suitable for you and your setup.

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