Partner with an SEO company and take your business to the next level

It is important to note how relevant it is for any business to have its own website. We would like to go a step further today and explain how important it is for any business to also have a proper SEO strategy and partner with a good SEO company.

For those of you that don’t know SEO is thSEO Companye abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization” and refers to the process of optimizing a website so that search engines (google, yahoo etc) view and display your site in a relevant and appropriate manner. (Hopefully above your compeditors).

Since Google was founded in September 1998, the internet has become the preferred channel of search and an extremely powerful method for marketing and advertising. Over 5 billion searches take place on Google alone, every single day. People are hungry for information and they know that the web is, nowadays, the richest source for this.

There are millions of new websites feeding Google and other search engines daily. This means that these visitors find a wide list of websites to look at for every search they do. There are many companies fighting for top exposure for relevant keywords. The bottom line is…. The competition is so vast that the only way for your website to be of any relevance is to compete for a decent spot in searches.

The whole scenario might seem complicated and complex; however, you can hire a professional and experienced web design and SEO company.

What must an SEO company be able to offer?

It is great having a beautiful website; however, if there is no SEO work being done on your site,  your efforts and well spent money will wasted. You will have an informative website that your existing clients will refer to, but you won’t be pushing for better ranking that will assist you in finding new business.

Working on Search Engine Optimization for a specific web page positively affects the visibility of that website in any of the search engines, including Google.

Partnering with an experienced SEO company will open the door for your business on the net. This will translate into better visibility and new clients looking for you. Customers that are looking for your services and/or products and that couldn’t find you otherwise.

There is a wide list of good and bad practices to follow and not to follow when working on SEO. Your SEO company will know exactly what to do, however here is a quick overview on some of the things that involve SEO and that can improve your ranking:

  • Write fresh unique content and frequently: there is no specific time frame, but content needs to be updated as often as possible. Writing original content is key. Forget about copying other people’s sites! If search engines realize this, your site will be punished and dropped directly to the bottom.
  • Write relevant content: it is important that all of the content on your site ties up. Google understands that there is no point in writing about printers when you have a fashion business, for example and wants to rank sites that are relevant and appropriate.
  • Rank for popular keywords that are relevant to your business: there are a few tools that can assist in finding the most popular and relevant keywords. Write your unique content based on these keywords, think of what your customers would be looking for from you and what would they type.

This is just a quick overview of some of the things that the SEO company you decide to partner with will be working on.

The Computer Doc not only offers IT support and IT maintenance services, we also provide professional  web services and a solid SEO strategy for businesses throughout Southern Africa.


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