Get Server Support Services for Peace of Mind

When should I get a server in place?

If you are not sure whether you need a server for your business or server support services, then here’s why you may change your mind.

The majority of growing businesses tend to have a couple of users floating around with laptops, the occasional backup onto an external drive, etc. Most of the time, you will not feel the need for this sort of investment until something goes wrong. A crashed hard drive or stolen machine can contain years of work and the loss of invaluable data. This sort of thing happens every day and is why companies like The Computer Doc exist.

The Computer doc offers professional server support services

The good news is that we are here to tell you that there is a solution and that having a server for your business, regardless of the size, does not have to cost your life savings and entail a change in the way you do things. It can be simple and cost efficient depending on your requirements. The whole purpose of a server is to simplify your environment and to give you security and peace of mind. So that all your data is consolidated in one place, and then backed up and stored safely.

The Computer Doc offers server support services

In addition to sales, advice and all installation requirements The Computer Doc offers affordable, on-site and remote IT and server support services 7 days a week. This entitles you to assistance within 4 working hours on all critical failures. (This is a worst case scenario, as our average callout time is less than 1 hour and remote support within 15 minutes). There are no additional charges and with our set monthly support rates you receive unlimited callouts, unlimited support from anywhere at any time.

If what you need is server support services for a small or larger business environment, then the computer doc is the solution for you. We have the capacity to support businesses with up to 500 users. We will happily come and see you and tailor a quote to suite your business’s needs and your budget.

Why not plan ahead and get the ball rolling early, before disaster strikes and you are left wondering why didn’t take the leap sooner. Contact The Computer Doc team today!

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