11 Facts as to why The Computer Doc offers the Best IT Support

The Computer Doc began as a result of years of experience working for other IT support companies and not being impressed by the quality of service offered by those companies. This is how the idea of starting a new IT maintenance company emerged. The goal and vision of our new business was clear from day one: becoming the best IT support company in Johannesburg.

I suppose that every company claims to be tBest IT supporthe best in their own market. We are, however, confident to make this statement when talking about The Computer Doc. We work with a wide array of clients that will not hesitate to refer us to other companies searching for IT support. This is evident in the testimonials that we have received and the support we have had over the years. The fact that The Computer Doc has never lost a client is also testimony of this fact. We look after and care about our partners and this has developed strong partnerships over the years. Our clients know that we offer the best IT support for their businesses.


11 Facts as to why we offer the Best IT support:

  • We offer a comprehensive list of IT maintenance services: We ensure that we offer our partners a full cover IT support plan, so they can enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing an IT company. What are these? Saving huge costs on overheads but enjoying the advantages of having an in-house level of service for a start. Take a look at our Services page for more information about some of the services that we provide.
  • We are reliable and always available: We are there when we tell our partners that we will be there. We are always on call and we always try to assist no matter the hour or the issue.
  • We offer the fastest turnaround times: our maintenance clients are guaranteed extremely fast and efficient support. Thanks to current technology, we can also access our clients PC and servers remotely, ensuring that we sort certain issues out even faster.
  • We listen to our clients: we understand that every company has different requirements and that budget capabilities and general requirements are not the same for everyone. If a partner has a problem that needs to be solved, we listen to their needs and try to adjust our support to their requirements and possibilities. What can be done now and what is the most advisable step moving forward?
  • Our rates are very competitive: we offer very affordable IT support rates. From monthly maintenance agreements to per hour rates, we ensure that every partner finds a solution to suit their pockets. Our solutions are far more cost-effective than having an in-house IT person with the same level of service (if not better).
  • We are passionate about our work: this is the winning formula for any good business, being happy and passionate about what you do. The Computer Doc is a company with driven staff that care about what we do and always aim at offering the best IT support and keeping our clients happy, no matter the cost. We pride ourselves on having never lost a client and believe it is due to our passion for being the best at what we do and going the extra mile to keep clients happy and ensuring efficient and reliable systems.
  • We speak our customers’ language: We avoid using complicated and nerdy IT language with our clients. They need solutions and we make sure that we translate what has to be done in a way that it is all clear for both parties.
  • We offer customised IT maintenance packages to all our partners: different businesses have different requirements and needs. We advise on those services that are a minimum requirement to guarantee an optimal level of IT support;  However, we also offer an array of value added services for you to choose from should you wish extra functionality, additional features or even specialized services that can be opted on depending on your organization’s needs.
  • We don’t care about the size of our clients’ companies: all our partners are important to us. Every partner in our maintenance plan receives preferential service and we make sure that everyone receives the best IT support from our team.
  • We cover all the bases: We offer a comprehensive solution for any business so that organizations can focus on what is important to them. Why have 5 separate providers to call when things go wrong. The Computer Doc assumes the role of a full management solution to take the responsibility off your hands. We cover and manage all technological roles within your business with all IT infrastructure as well as telephony, web services, software development and even SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We source and supply hardware and software and even support 3rd party applications so that your costs as well as your responsibility is halved.
  • We offer freedom of choice: No long term contracts are required and clients can enjoy the freedom of knowing that they are able to change providers at any time, with no wasted money or time. Unlike most other IT providers, our month to month maintenance plan gives you the freedom of testing us out and being able to make an informed decision without the risk of being tied into an anything long-term.

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