Blackberry Z10 vs Q10

Blackberry Z10 vs Q10

Blackberry Z10 vs Q10

The new blackberry Q10 has just been launched and blackberry fans wait with baited breath to see this device in action.

Didn’t blackberry just release the Z10?

They sure did, however the Q10 has arrived as its similarly spec’d baby brother.

What’s the difference?

All though the Q10 has similar specifications it is smaller, lighter, and for those users that still aren’t true touch screen fans, the standard and familiar blackberry qwerty keyboard, albeit an edited, streamlined version. Another improvement is the Q10s 2100mAH battery, compared to the 1800mAH of the Z10. With a smaller display, this means the new device is better suited to intense users than its touch screen predecessor.

Boasting an 8mb camera with a resolution of up to 3264 x 2448 pixels this device will not leave users wanting for photographic quality. Other features include 1080p video capabilities as well as the all new Blackberry 10 OS. Blackberry also seem to have been generous with memory specifications, giving the Q10 16GB of storage and 2gb of RAM. With a Dual Core 1.5Ghz Processor the Q10 packs more punch than many Netbooks on the market today. This is a noticeable change from blackberry devices of old and give the Q10 an impressive smoothness and fluidity when roaming through menu’s and switching between applications. Additional party tricks include an Accelerometer, gyro, proximity sensor and compass as well as many other gimmicks for the techno fiends among you.

Any Downsides?

Unfortunately, the short answer is yes. All though an impressive device, with a hefty price tag of R8999, many users would rather opt for the cheaper Samsung or iPhone alternatives. In addition, software for the new devices (Z10 & Q10) is limited so far as not all developers have joined the party where blackberry’s new OS is concerned. Some of the apps that won’t run on BB’s 10.1 OS are whatsapp, fnb’s banking app and dropbox to name a few.

Hopefully device support will improve in time however for those users crippled by the loss of these applications, blackberry will have to do better to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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