Cheap Laptops

Cheap Laptops

Looking for good value for money? Want a laptop with decent speed but don’t want to spend your lifes savings? Then Gigabyte may be the brand you are looking for when it comes to Cheap Laptops.

Cheap Laptops

Gigabyte is a much newer brand than the usual suspects, Acer, Dell & HP. Launched in 1986, for years Gigabyte have focused on spare components such as motherboards and add-on cards etc. A few years ago Gigabyte launched its range of notebook computers which has taken the market by storm with far superior pricing than competitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that when you buy this brand you are buying a product of inferior quality or specification.

As always there are things to look out for when buying cheap laptops however with Gigabyte these are normally on the surface and internally you are still getting a quality product.

Gigabyte utilize intel processors and motherboards, pretty much the same internal product as most other manufacturers however at better pricing and normally with a longer warranty. Where most manufacturers offer a standard 1 year warranty with an option to pay and upgrade, gigabyte offers a 2 year warranty as standard.

So where do they save money you may ask? With most of their products there are very few tell-tale signs as to the price difference however it is worth reading reviews on the particular model that you are looking at for user experience and after-sales satisfaction. For example, this article has been written on the Q1585N model which sports an i5 Processor and 2gb of memory. Performance-wise the machine is fantastic and for a little over R5000 is surprisingly powerful and quick. It even runs some of the newest games such as “Call of Duty, Black Ops2” albeit at a slightly lower spec than one would like but it runs it nonetheless. (Take into account this machine was launched nearly 3 years ago and still holds its own).

The screen is a high-gloss 15’6” LED with brilliant clarity and a decent refresh rate. General operations are smooth and quick and the machine exceeds expectations in almost every department. The only criticism that can be noted about this machine is a touchpad that does feel a bit cheap however other than that the rest of the machine looks, feels and behaves like a quality product.

Many other manufacturers will try to justify their pumped-up pricing with fancy stickers and claims of high quality audio and the like but in truth most use similar internal components and are identical other than the badge on the front. At the end of the day it really boils down to the following; Processor speed and graphics capability. Ram/Memory can normally be upgraded for as little as R200 and most machines today come out with a minimum of 500gb hard drive space which is sufficient for the majority of users.

An entry level Gigabyte notebook will cost you a little over R3500 and comes with all the same features as similarly spec’d competitors. If you are looking for value for money, start here.  Get in touch for a quote today, even if you do like the fancy brands such as HP and Dell, we will deliver and assist with all setup requirements to get you started.

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