Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support is one of the most powerful tools of the IT industry today as many IT Maintenance companies are starting to realize. Many IT maintenance companies, even in-house departments take hours if not days to assist with menial and urgent issues alike.

Most IT Support and IT Maintenance companies will even offer some form of remote assistance but very few to the level that is offered by The Computer Doc.

The Doc not only provides almost instantaneous remote IT support for your servers but our specialized software allows us to support any desktop or laptop while anywhere in the world at any time. Our turn-around times are normally within 5 minutes of a phone call or email and support is just about instantaneous. Most in-house IT departments are not as fast and as knowledgeable in these scenarios and we pride ourselves on offering one of the fastest and most efficient services available for South Africans to date.

This is a free service that we offer as part of our IT maintenance contracts and as mentioned previously enables us to assist you from anywhere, while you are anywhere and is not just limited to when you are at the office. In addition, no lengthy contracts are required so give us a call to find out about a cost-effective and super efficient support package and try our Remote IT Support services today.

For General Desktop Support, we utilize teamviewer secure technology to assist you. This can both be password protected or disabled at any time to give you peace of mind!

For server support and remote access, we will assist you in setting up Microsoft’s Remote Desktop (Formerly Terminal Services) platform to gain access to your infrastructure securely, from anywhere,

Download our Quick Support App here and get in touch for instant assistance!

Remote IT Support

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