PC Backup

PC Backup – Offsite Backup Storage and weekly Swap-outs

The Doc specializes in secure, on and off-site backup solutions and have a 100% success rate with ransomware and data loss recovery. We pride ourselves on our robust and substantial backup managements solution offerings and will be happy to consult and advise you on a solution for you or your business.

One of the most important yet neglected services in todays world of technology is a companies Server or PC Backup solution. In most cases only after severe data loss, theft or when disaster strikes do users and business owners decide to invest in backup systems. Years ago costing and infrastructure played a major role in this neglect however in current times many of these systems have become affordable for the average user. In addition there are many different ways and many different formats in which users can resolve the issue of the PC Backup. In todays climate,  It often boils down to a matter of taking the time to invest in these systems however this time is more often spent on more pressing endevours.

The Doc understand this and provides the relevant services so that when the worst does occur, you are covered and can be happy with the knowledge that your business can continue to run un-interrupted and with minimal loss and down-time.

Rather be safe than sorry should you be subject to a break-in or fire on your premises. One of our services ensure that all backup media is swapped out on a weekly basis and stored in a secure offsite facility ensuring you always have peace of mind. Backup media is always checked onsite before removal for data integrity and reliability. Cloud services and remote/online backup is also available should this be a requirement and your PC Backup need not cost you a fortune. Contact us today to discuss available options and pricing so that you can have peace of mind when disaster strikes..

PC Backup

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