IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk


What is the point of an IT helpdesk you may ask?

Ever wonder why it takes your IT guy so long to get to you when you have an urgent issue..

Ever wonder if you can fix things for yourself and are unable to find a simple solution..

Ever wonder where all your software licensing is being used..

Our IT helpdesk helps you to manage and monitor your companies IT at all times without trying to trace and track emails, and chase-up IT staff. It simplifies the process and enforces an orderly and structured way of logging and resolving issues.

IT Helpdesk

Please read the example below of an everyday working environment…

“Sue sits at her machine on Monday morning, she is unable to open her mail. Frustrated, she clicks on the helpdesk icon on her desktop. She fills out a brief explanation, clicks to add a screenshot of the error message received and hits send. An email is sent to the relevant in-house manager as well as her IT consultant with her request opening up a support call. 1 minute later a popup appears indicating the ETA of her IT consultant and suggests a workaround from the helpdesk knowledgebase for her to try in the interim. 1 minute after that another pop up appears with a chat window from her IT guy. Hi Sue, please try the following…I have 2 support calls to attend to and then I will be with you if these suggestions don’t resolve your issue…see you shortly..Once resolved the support call is closed, all relavnt partied are informed with details and the next issue at hand is dealt with.

At the end of the week, director Gary wants to see what is going on in his company. He logs into his IT Helpdesk console and views the statistics. He can see how many support calls where attended, the average turnaround times, what the resolutions were, who attended the call and who the problem users are. He can see how many machines are on his network, how many printers, what software is on them and what license they are using for each piece of software. He can even see performance statistics per machine and see that employees are actually making use of their expensive hardware.

In addition, the helpdesk can be tailored for other environments and is not simply limited to an IT Helpdesk. Call us today for a tailored quote on setting up the Helpdesk for your company.

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