Cloud Server Solutions – The Pros & Cons

Over the past 10 years I have been asked the same question over and over. What is the best cloud server solution or cloud service for my business? Unfortunately, there is no short answer for this. With the risk of sounding like your typical, over-complicated IT guy, there are good sides and bad! This is also largely dependent on what your requirements and goals are. For example, if you are a graphic designer or video editor and work on large files, I would advise against a cloud solution. For most other industries where mail, word processing and less graphic intensive applications are utilized, there are many benefits and up-sides.

Hosting a cloud server offers you the flexibility to work from anywhere, improves up-time and can have a major positive impact on workflow and productivity if done right. This is provided that the basics are implemented correctly, without compromise.

Core requirements are as follows:

  • High-speed, reliable internet
  • Decent Storage Speeds and an adequate server resources (Memory, processing power etc)
  • Reliable Hosting
  • A Solid Backup Facility

There is also the consideration of cost versus practicality. While pricing is improving and becoming more competitive by the day, it may be a matter of weighing up the option of purchasing something outright vs a higher monthly expense for a subscription based cloud server or solution. In Johannesburg for example (or anywhere in South Africa for that matter) buying a server is not only about the server anymore and you will need to consider possible UPS or generator options to both protect your server investment and ensure continued up-time.

Why wouldn’t you want a cloud server I hear you ask? Here are some considerations:

  • Microsoft licensing can be costly when utilized in a cloud server environment
  • If internet is down or bad, your data will be inaccessible or slow
  • If server issues are encountered, ensure your IT company has reasonable access or you have a decent support system!
  • If you plan on working on a remote server with intensive media based services, expect some lag and loss of quality.

Cloud Server

Ultimately, a cloud server can revolutionize your business if done right, but this is largely dependent on your requirements.

For more information, please get in touch with us and we will advise you accordingly. We can assist with advice or questions and even customize an appropriate solution for you where it be to purchase your own solution or to assist you with a cloud solution. I hope this article has at least provided some clarity for you!



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Managed IT Services – Why opt for this?

Fully managed IT services give you the IT systems that you want for your business. With how dependent businesses are on technology, having everything working smoothly gives you the chance to relax and focus on your job rather than how to work with technology that you may not fully understand. Since you got into the field to do the job that you wanted to do, you do not want something like technology being an obstacle. These services give you the results that you need without any effort on your part. It is simplicity and convenience in a package that truly does work for you.

Managed IT SolutionsBusinesses depend on technology in order to remain competitive in today’s market. Everyone is utilizing technology in order to learn more about the market and competition, improve how various areas of the business work, and keep everything focused on efficiency and results. Of course, you cannot have these benefits without a properly working IT system, which is where fully managed IT services can help. This work is focused on IT so that you do not have to be, giving you the results without any effort. You can count on this work to improve how the IT systems work and repair any issues that you are experiencing.

Being fully managed IT services, you can expect them to cover various areas of IT, and they do. They cover everything, of course, so that you do not have to worry about one area taking everything down. With how delicate these systems can be at times, and with how important they are to the business as a whole, you need to utilize these services immediately. Doing so gives you the chance to improve how your business is working. You know that you are going to have the IT systems that you need, allowing you, and everyone else, to focus on the work at hand.

Since these services are outsourced, you do not have to worry about hiring an entire in house staff to do the work, which can become costly when you are not in need of work on a regular basis. Choosing outsourcing over IT support in the business can save you a lot of money over time, helping you to manage the finances of your business more easily. Since these are experts in the field, as well, you are also benefiting from the skills and knowledge available. The work that you receive, and what you pay to have it done, provide the greater satisfaction that your business needs.

These fully managed IT services are available to businesses that need them. If you find that your IT systems are not receiving the care and attention that they deserve, or if you would like to improve the quality of work that has been lacking due to technology, call immediately. You will have someone available to tell you more about these services, what your business can gain from their use, and how easy it is for you to bring this into your business.

For managed remote solutions, get in touch here, alternatively click here to contact us.

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Why is I.T Support an essential investment for businesses?

I.T support is vital for businesses that are using any type of information technology. IT systems are the core of the majority of businesses in today’s modern world. Issues with these systems cause loss of production. This costs your business money and can cost you valuable customers. This is why your IT infrastructure and systems should be viewed as an investment towards your businesses future and well-being.

What to do about it?

When you have computers set up and when you have everything ready for business, it is important to ensure reliability.  Johannesburg is a big city with loads of competition. Can you afford to have issues with your computer systems or reduce service levels? If you run into problems, you may not be able to work as well as you normally would, or as well as you should. Having local support in the Johannesburg area ensures that you are able to keep things moving and avoid major failures that could put your business and profit I.T supportat risk.

When you have computers running in your business, you are going to need to ensure they are managed and maintained properly. Management covers everything with your network and  hardware, allowing workers to use terminals without difficulties. This also reduces the risk of problems, which could otherwise affect the employees’ ability to work and customers’ satisfaction. With the major role that technology as a whole plays in business, you are going to want to make sure that everything is handled professionally and properly in order to avoid serious issues later on. This keeps your business running and everything on track towards success.

I.T support services are available to manage issues as they happen, avoiding downtime and increasing productivity. When you have troubles using a computer or logging in, for example, you can reach out to your support team for assistance. This gives you not only knowledge, but also results. The problem will be fixed in a short amount of time and you will be able to get back to work as soon as possible. When you are uncertain of what is happening or when you have a lot of work to do, you are going to need this support on your side. I.T support in Johannesburg is quick and reliable, ensuring that you are able to work and do what you need to do without difficulties.

Outsourced I.T support vs. in house I.T Department

Not all businesses are able to have their own support staff, of course. If you cannot have or do not want one, you can always look into outsourced I.T support. This gives you the same results that you want without having to spend a lot of money to have in house support. You are not going to have to sacrifice the quality or the convenience of having this I.T support team available to you, either.

Take a look at the IT maintenance services that The Computer Doc team offers to businesses in Johannesburg. A comprehensive list of customizable IT services that ensure businesses’ information technology running smoothly and at optimal levels.

Do you need to set a meeting with us? Follow this link to see our contact details.

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Benefits of hiring an IT Solutions Provider

Hiring an IT solutions provider will help to improve the performance of your company without having to take any time out of your day. A specialist focuses on IT so that you do not have to do or worry about anything yourself, giving you the results that you expect at a lesser sacrifice. When compared to doing the work on your own or hiring a specialist to do it, the benefits are extraordinary. These services allow for growth and the continued excellence of your business.

IT Solutions ProviderA lot of small businesses assume that they can deal with IT problems on their own because they are not going to run into anything complicated enough to require a specialist. This can quickly turn problematic, however, when there is a complex situation that you do not understand. When you are not a professional in the field, this is likely going to happen often. If you attempt to do the work on your own, even though you do not have the skills or knowledge necessary here, you may end up with a bigger problem. A professional can avoid all of this by handling the situation in an efficient manner.

External IT solutions provider vs. IT in house team

Another option is to have an in house team, but that may not be the best decision financially. While you can find capable individuals to work in the office, you are going to have to pay them to work every day, even if they are not doing anything. When they would have limited responsibilities and tasks, they are not worth the money that you are spending. Outsourcing for an IT solutions provider, on the other hand, gives you the same results that you expect without having to pay for people to be there at all times. You will pay for the team when you need them rather than paying in hopes that you will or agreeing to monthly maintenance contracts at very reasonable rates.

The benefits of an IT solutions provider are wonderful. Any business owner that finds themselves trying to manage a business should contact the professional before the problems arise. You will have quick, reliable services available to you from the moment that you call, ensuring that you are not going to have to deal with these problems for long. Once you have a team working, you should see results and problems solved in a short amount of time.

Why The Computer Doc should be your IT solutions provider of choice?

Make sure that you contact your IT solutions provider immediately, make sure that you contact The Computer Doc team today. You will have someone ready to help shortly, giving you the answers, advice and assistance that you need. We offer great results and getting started with us is easy, so make sure that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. Do not let your tech problem get out of hand; have the experts, us, ready and willing to handle this for you.

Thanks you for reading our Blog!

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The success of schools IT support

The Computer Doc team offers IT support to schools in Johannesburg. As we see it, schools IT support should be a top priority concern for every educational institution. Information held in the school systems has to be protected, and the only way to guarantee schools working in an efficient manner is by counting with the assistance of a professional and reliable tech team. With a capable IT support team doing the work, information, systems and users are protected and controlled.

Schools IT support

High quality schools IT support helps to make sure that everything is running smoothly. With the increase of technology in educational institutions, it has become vital for the IT system of schools to be in top condition and having the right team overlooking it. Schools require IT maintenance services from companies that can guarantee an excellent service in a short amount of time. Without these services, and without the quality that is expected and required, it is difficult for school staff, teachers and students to reach their own expectations. Having a great support team overlooking the IT infrastructure of a school will, with no doubt, contribute to the achievements of the institution’s common goals.


Vital aspects to Schools IT support

Another important aspect of schools IT support is controlling the content being viewed. Educational centers require full control over the systems so that there is not abuse taking place, which unfortunately happens often. Having both management and control services allow providing a secure environment for children within the education center. On top of that, schools can guarantee everyone keeping focused on the job at hand, especially the students, who can be the ones being distracted more easily.

Counting with the services of an IT maintenance company can cover various other areas of IT support, of course. The assistance of a professional company allows the IT infrastructure of schools to work without a lot of worries or much difficulty. Effectiveness and reliability are key aspects to guarantee the correct functionality of large institutions.

Schools depend on IT support a lot these days. In order to maintain a large IT system that is used by many kids and the faculty, a good IT company is a must. Thanks to the correct IT maintenance services, schools can run smoothly and as intended without any major obstacles. The right support team is capable to manage numerous complaints and issues in a short amount of time with great success, allowing everyone to work with ease. Since the future of children depends on their teachers being able to work, these need to be guaranteed that everything is running without troubles.

For schools looking to improve the way that everything runs, or hoping to find a new option for IT support, The Computer Doc team is the answer. We provide great results and clever solutions through our professional and experienced team. We guarantee the results that schools want with no problems and concerns, making it easier for them to focus on education.

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The Importance of a Server for Small Businesses

In order for a business to work fully and without issues, there is the need to invest in technology. While many businesses are already doing this by setting up accounts and having everything ready to go, many are not taking the steps that they need to take. Many businesses out there could benefit from the use of a server, which allows businesses to do more and have their information secured. It is not difficult to make use of a server for small businesses, and you do have help available to you.

server for small businessesThe Computer Doc offers advice on the right server specs for different type and business sizes and ensure a professional server implementation. And not only that, but the daily server checks that we conduct on our customers’ servers ensure an accurate maintenance and allow us picking up potential severe issues before these affect the functionality of the entire IT set up.

Every business owner needs to take advantage of servers simply because of the fact that they keep data safe. They allow for the secured storage and backup of your data so that you are not having issues if a computer is stolen or a hard drive crashes. In cases where all information would be lost, you can count on a server to keep everything safe. You can access your information at any time and you will be able to keep everything working beautifully. Work can go on without any bumps in the road.

Accounts on your network will be controlled much more easily, too. You will be able to manage individual accounts and keep everything on track, making sure that issues are resolved quickly and people are able to work without a problem. A server for small businesses is able to increase the possibilities in the work place, allowing the business to grow and the workers to have fewer issues moving forward. This is a great way to keep everyone on the same path, and you do not have to do a lot to get these results, either, thanks to the professional server support offered by The Computer Doc in Johannesburg.

The server support itself is what makes all of this accessible and usable for anyone. You will be able to take advantage of the numerous benefits of having a server for small businesses without having to take on any of the work of management. You will have a professional team ready to keep everything moving forward smoothly and ready to keep your business growing. There is a lot to gain and it is incredibly simple for any business owner to begin.

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Partner with an SEO company and take your business to the next level

It is important to note how relevant it is for any business to have its own website. We would like to go a step further today and explain how important it is for any business to also have a proper SEO strategy and partner with a good SEO company.

For those of you that don’t know SEO is thSEO Companye abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization” and refers to the process of optimizing a website so that search engines (google, yahoo etc) view and display your site in a relevant and appropriate manner. (Hopefully above your compeditors).

Since Google was founded in September 1998, the internet has become the preferred channel of search and an extremely powerful method for marketing and advertising. Over 5 billion searches take place on Google alone, every single day. People are hungry for information and they know that the web is, nowadays, the richest source for this.

There are millions of new websites feeding Google and other search engines daily. This means that these visitors find a wide list of websites to look at for every search they do. There are many companies fighting for top exposure for relevant keywords. The bottom line is…. The competition is so vast that the only way for your website to be of any relevance is to compete for a decent spot in searches.

The whole scenario might seem complicated and complex; however, you can hire a professional and experienced web design and SEO company.

What must an SEO company be able to offer?

It is great having a beautiful website; however, if there is no SEO work being done on your site,  your efforts and well spent money will wasted. You will have an informative website that your existing clients will refer to, but you won’t be pushing for better ranking that will assist you in finding new business.

Working on Search Engine Optimization for a specific web page positively affects the visibility of that website in any of the search engines, including Google.

Partnering with an experienced SEO company will open the door for your business on the net. This will translate into better visibility and new clients looking for you. Customers that are looking for your services and/or products and that couldn’t find you otherwise.

There is a wide list of good and bad practices to follow and not to follow when working on SEO. Your SEO company will know exactly what to do, however here is a quick overview on some of the things that involve SEO and that can improve your ranking:

  • Write fresh unique content and frequently: there is no specific time frame, but content needs to be updated as often as possible. Writing original content is key. Forget about copying other people’s sites! If search engines realize this, your site will be punished and dropped directly to the bottom.
  • Write relevant content: it is important that all of the content on your site ties up. Google understands that there is no point in writing about printers when you have a fashion business, for example and wants to rank sites that are relevant and appropriate.
  • Rank for popular keywords that are relevant to your business: there are a few tools that can assist in finding the most popular and relevant keywords. Write your unique content based on these keywords, think of what your customers would be looking for from you and what would they type.

This is just a quick overview of some of the things that the SEO company you decide to partner with will be working on.

The Computer Doc not only offers IT support and IT maintenance services, we also provide professional  web services and a solid SEO strategy for businesses throughout Southern Africa.


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11 Facts as to why The Computer Doc offers the Best IT Support

The Computer Doc began as a result of years of experience working for other IT support companies and not being impressed by the quality of service offered by those companies. This is how the idea of starting a new IT maintenance company emerged. The goal and vision of our new business was clear from day one: becoming the best IT support company in Johannesburg.

I suppose that every company claims to be tBest IT supporthe best in their own market. We are, however, confident to make this statement when talking about The Computer Doc. We work with a wide array of clients that will not hesitate to refer us to other companies searching for IT support. This is evident in the testimonials that we have received and the support we have had over the years. The fact that The Computer Doc has never lost a client is also testimony of this fact. We look after and care about our partners and this has developed strong partnerships over the years. Our clients know that we offer the best IT support for their businesses.


11 Facts as to why we offer the Best IT support:

  • We offer a comprehensive list of IT maintenance services: We ensure that we offer our partners a full cover IT support plan, so they can enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing an IT company. What are these? Saving huge costs on overheads but enjoying the advantages of having an in-house level of service for a start. Take a look at our Services page for more information about some of the services that we provide.
  • We are reliable and always available: We are there when we tell our partners that we will be there. We are always on call and we always try to assist no matter the hour or the issue.
  • We offer the fastest turnaround times: our maintenance clients are guaranteed extremely fast and efficient support. Thanks to current technology, we can also access our clients PC and servers remotely, ensuring that we sort certain issues out even faster.
  • We listen to our clients: we understand that every company has different requirements and that budget capabilities and general requirements are not the same for everyone. If a partner has a problem that needs to be solved, we listen to their needs and try to adjust our support to their requirements and possibilities. What can be done now and what is the most advisable step moving forward?
  • Our rates are very competitive: we offer very affordable IT support rates. From monthly maintenance agreements to per hour rates, we ensure that every partner finds a solution to suit their pockets. Our solutions are far more cost-effective than having an in-house IT person with the same level of service (if not better).
  • We are passionate about our work: this is the winning formula for any good business, being happy and passionate about what you do. The Computer Doc is a company with driven staff that care about what we do and always aim at offering the best IT support and keeping our clients happy, no matter the cost. We pride ourselves on having never lost a client and believe it is due to our passion for being the best at what we do and going the extra mile to keep clients happy and ensuring efficient and reliable systems.
  • We speak our customers’ language: We avoid using complicated and nerdy IT language with our clients. They need solutions and we make sure that we translate what has to be done in a way that it is all clear for both parties.
  • We offer customised IT maintenance packages to all our partners: different businesses have different requirements and needs. We advise on those services that are a minimum requirement to guarantee an optimal level of IT support;  However, we also offer an array of value added services for you to choose from should you wish extra functionality, additional features or even specialized services that can be opted on depending on your organization’s needs.
  • We don’t care about the size of our clients’ companies: all our partners are important to us. Every partner in our maintenance plan receives preferential service and we make sure that everyone receives the best IT support from our team.
  • We cover all the bases: We offer a comprehensive solution for any business so that organizations can focus on what is important to them. Why have 5 separate providers to call when things go wrong. The Computer Doc assumes the role of a full management solution to take the responsibility off your hands. We cover and manage all technological roles within your business with all IT infrastructure as well as telephony, web services, software development and even SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We source and supply hardware and software and even support 3rd party applications so that your costs as well as your responsibility is halved.
  • We offer freedom of choice: No long term contracts are required and clients can enjoy the freedom of knowing that they are able to change providers at any time, with no wasted money or time. Unlike most other IT providers, our month to month maintenance plan gives you the freedom of testing us out and being able to make an informed decision without the risk of being tied into an anything long-term.

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Important Questions to ask when choosing IT Maintenance Companies

So many new IT maintenance companies are emerging, and finding the right partner for your business can be a complex task.

We thought that having a list of the most important questions to ask each and every potential partner could prove very helpful. These questions will definitely assist in making a more informed decision.

Some of the differences between IT maintenance services and packages offered by some companies could have an important impact on your organization.

Let’s start with the interrogation guide:

1. What are the support packages that you offer?

The majority of IT maintenance companies offer different levels of support to suit every business’ requirements. The different support packages and rates can also assist in terms of budget.

The two most popular options will be the following:Questions to ask IT maintenance companies

      • Monthly maintenance agreements: this will contain a comprehensive list of the IT maintenance services included. It will generally always be cheaper than having an in-house IT person, and can also guarantee a professional and full level of support regardless.
      • Bill-per-hour: this is ideal for new start-up businesses that can’t afford fixed expenses yet or for those that want to test the quality of service of different IT maintenance companies.

2. What are the guarantees in terms of response times?

It is important that you think of how your business and staff operate. For example, do your employees have access to work email and other files from their mobiles or laptops? If this is the case, you will definitely need to consider a 24/7 support service or support with faster turn-around times.

On the other hand, if work is limited to office hours, you might be able to get away with a support package limited to certain hours of the day.

3. Can you also supply our company with hardware and software?

This might be quite an interesting question, as you might be able to find better deals with regard to hardware or software purchases. IT maintenance companies tend to have more power with the negotiation and pricing, as they order bigger amounts, and often get discounted prices and are able to offer preferential rates.

4. Can remote support be provided?

With current technology, accessing and monitoring servers, computers and networks remotely is possible. Not having to be on-site can be extremely valuable, as issues can be fixed quickly and efficiently before they become a real problem.

5. What does the small print in your terms and conditions say?

This is especially important when referring to cancellation clauses. Try to sign up with companies that don’t require a notice period longer than a month or two. Otherwise, you might find yourself unhappy with your IT partner and stuck in an agreement for longer than necessary.

6. How and when will I be charged?

As with any contract with other suppliers that you work with, payment clauses are always important. Understand what the different support packages require in terms of payment and implement a clear structure and understanding beforehand, which suites both parties. Many companies out there are willing to negotiate terms and will be willing to accommodate you should you have special requirements.

7. I need help, how do I log a support call?

There are many possible ways to do so and it will depend entirely on the IT partner. It will normally be through a phone call to your designated IT technician or it can also be done through normal email or through a more advanced support system such as a Helpdesk or admin portal.

For small companies, a simple phone call can be good enough. However, for larger organizations, an advanced support system can be a better solution in which to register and track everyone’s issues without miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Contact The Computer Doc Team today and ask all these questions. Find out if we are the IT partner that you are looking for. There are many IT maintenance companies out there; can they offer what we can?

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Struggling with Your IT? The Computer Doc Offers Professional IT Support in Sandton

IT Support Sandton – How to find a good IT support partner?

The number of IT companies offering outsourced IT services has increased over the lasThe Computer Doc offers IT support in Sandtont few years. This has happened not only at a global level, but also locally in the South African market. We can even take this one step further and talk about IT companies focusing on specific areas; for example, companies that offer IT support in Sandton.

The big demand for companies that offer IT maintenance services is a direct correlation to the dependence of businesses on their IT resources.

To help you finding a good IT partner, we offer you here some good tips:

  • Look for a partner that offers IT support in your area: even through this is advisable, it is not an essential requirement anymore. There are great remote control tools that allow IT technicians to access companies’ servers and PCs without need of being on site.However, if you like that personal touch and you would like to have regular visits; hiring an IT company in your same area could help.For example, search for companies offering IT support in Sandton if this is where your offices are. You will find a long list of companies that can assist.
  • Ask for a customizable IT support package to suit your business better: surely you agree that every business is different and, this is why, you must be able to customize your IT maintenance package. Meet with your potential partner and see what services they can offer and at what rates. These must always suit your business needs.
  • Ask for feedback from other businesses currently working with the same partner: this is always very advisable. Find out what other clients have to say about them. You can either ask for referral letters or you can even contact the other organizations and get an idea of how they feel about their IT support.

Is outsourced IT support the right solution for my business?

We can comfortably state that over 90% of the existing businesses around the world depend heavily on technology. The operational of businesses rely so much on their IT software and hardware, that having troubles with these can bring serious headaches to business owners, staff and can, eventually, harm the business profits.

Are you one of those business owners struggling with your IT support? If the answer is “yes”, you might identify yourself with one of the following cases:

  • My business needs IT support but I don’t have enough budget to hire a dedicated a full time IT person.
  • My IT support is not good enough. I have outsourced my IT support but the company is not pulling its weight.

If reading the statements above make you feel like you need help with your IT, then you might need to consider outsourcing your IT support to a reliable partner.

The Computer Doc offers professional and efficient IT support in Sandton and businesses in other areas of Johannesburg. The great experience and the customizable maintenance packages on offer are key factors to consider this business’s IT solution as the best IT support in Sandton.

For other regions or instant remote support, take a look at our international website here.

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