Lightening Fast Internet

So-net Entertainment, a Sony- Backed Internet Service Provider have just launched a Lightning fast internet technology based on Fibre Optic technology. The Nuro as the new service is called is said to boast speeds of up to 2Gbps…That’s 200 hundred times faster than South Africa’s fastest ADSL connection, currently sitting at 10Mbps. At this speed, one would theoretically be able to download a 1 Gigabyte file in less than 20 seconds. This would even surpass most hard disk speeds and is a new level of speed as we know it.

This new service is said to be launched to home and business users at a cost of roughly R500 per month for a 2 year contract with a R5000 installation fee. This is equivalent to what the majority of South Africans pay for a 4mb service today (excluding the hefty installation) however is relatively reasonable considering the advancement and sheer speed of the service.

To compare, the Google Fibre broadband Internet service offers 1 Gbps download speed — and that’s still 100 times faster than today’s average home ADSL connection.

With todays Seacom outages and service issues throughout southern africa we often wonder how long services like these will reach our shores and whether or not these will be solely for the super rich or giant corporations.

At present the service is available in Tokyo and six surrounding areas however the technology is said to be spreading fast.

We can only hope that this reaches us soon and that we too can enjoy the benefits of “first world” technology!

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