IT Monitoring

Why is IT Monitoring so important for your business?

IT Monitoring and our daily server checkup system enables you to know and be aware of your servers status every day and know that it is being taken care and all systems are up to date and running 100%

This detailed daily report enables you and our technicians to monitor your servers on a daily basis.  Our IT Monitoring system gives you peace of mind and we are normally aware of issues even before you are and are able to resolve with limited down-time…Your servers are logged onto every morning to make sure that all is well and running smoothly. This helps take preventative measures and ensures up-to-date reliable systems. These check-ups can be fully personalized to suit your business and its needs. For example, should you have 3rd party software that needs to update daily or has reliability issues, this will be added to the daily reports and monitored. Checks generally include the monitoring of drive space, backups, licensing, antivirus, updates, and even ADSL usage etc.

Over the years experience has shown us that preventative measures are key. Most IT support and IT maintenance companies wait until issues occur and then spend time trying to resolve problems. We at The Computer Doc endeavour to prevent these issues by maintaining clean healthy systems so that down-time can be avoided ensuring maximum productivity for your business.

IT Monitoring is just one of the value added services that we offer and can be tailored to suit your business’s needs and requirements.Contact us today for a quotation or just to chat about your requirements or concerns..


IT Monitoring

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