Desktop Support

Desktop Support, Notebook Support for Pc & Mac

These days your businesses IT infrastructure can be crippling if not maintained or becomes problematic. Thousands of hours are spent monthly by un-knowing staff trying to fix issues and install software that are not of their concern. Wouldn’t you rather have your staff focusing on their jobs and not your IT?

We offer the very services that take these issues off your hands so that you are able to focus on more important aspects of your business.

We offer desktop support for on and off-sight users around the clock. This includes general 3rd party support on additional software and installations. For notebooks this will include VPN and remote support. Our average remote support turnaround times are under 15 minutes and on-sight desktop support is generally within an hour. If you are looking for a level of support that matches and even surpasses that of most in-house IT departments but is much more cost effective then call us for a quotation today or message us via our contact page.

We will gladly customize a package that is suitable and affordable for you and your business. We provide a 360 degree level of service from hardware sales, installation and on-going maintenance so that you don’t have to spend time worrying about your IT and desktop support. Our maintenance plans involve rates that are all inclusive no matter how often you need us and how often we are on-sight so that there are no surprises and no setup fee’s.

Our experience has taught us to provide quick, reliable services and to provide systems that involve as little down-time as possible so that your business runs at maximum efficiency. Call us now for a quotation or just to chat about your concerns or problems..

Desktop Support

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