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One of the most neglected issues in today’s technologically driven world is the pc backup.

Users far and wide are losing work daily as hard drives crash and drives fail causing complete devastation in its wake. Not only can one lose work and mail, but users lose irreplaceable data such as family photos or videos daily.

There is no worse feeling than the loss of this data, especially when years of valuable memories or thousands of hours worth of work are at stake.

Before this happens to you, or even if it has before, you may be interested in some tips in keeping you covered for future.  There is a very simple and obvious resolution and although this may not always be practical, there are many ways in which to implement it and make it easier.

The rule of thumb is this; Always keep one or more copies of your data. Whether on another hard drive, another computer or even online (provided this is a secure and reliable source).

Allthough there may be an initial outlay for hardware, it will be worth your while when disaster does strike, and there are some fantastic free applications that will assist you in automating your pc backup and taking the responsibility off your hands.

Cobian backup is one of these applications and is a great, simple way in which to automate this system for you and can backup to any destination for you whether over a network to an alternate machine or to an external hard drive. It will also give you options on what type of backup you require, from full, incremental, differential etc and allows you to select the exact source and exact destination making it simple and automatic taking human error out of the equation. Once setup you can leave this to run and just check on things every now and then to ensure drive space is still okay etc.

The ideal situation is to have 2 external drives, which you can swap out on a weekly basis, and keep one of these at a separate location at all times. This way in the event of fire or theft, you always have a copy of your data elsewhere and do not have “all your eggs in one basket”. This is also where an online pc backup service could come in handy. The limitations with this option come into play when file sizes are large and in this case physical media is more appropriate.

For more information or for advice in setting up a pc backup solution click here to give us a call and we will assist.

PC Backup

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